I am a complete and utter noob when it comes to strings.
I know how to change them but i have no idea what the gauges like .01 mean.
If there is already a thread on this please point me in that general direction
Oh yes i forgot i have an ibanez Rg350.

if you use standard E tuning and never change tunings just get 9 gauge and if your gnna tune it lower you might want to buy something like 10's for drop D, D standard maybe, 11's for D standard and drop C and 12's for drop A or something. I got my guitar in standard D with 12's but theyre to thick for D standard IMO so im gnna buy 11's for it. Oh well, I hope my post makes any sense
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its personally preference, i can't tell you wat you like, some people like tighter tension and the thicker sound of high gauge strings, some people dont. now if you were asking wat the numbers mean i.e. 9s or 10s it's referring to the thickness of the high e string of the set.
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It depends on how much tension/sound you want.

I personally used 12's.
- ---------
-- --------
--- -------
---- ------
----- -----
------ ----
------- ---
-------- --
--------- -
I would say go with .10's
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I would say to start with .010's. Once you get used to them you can decide you want them to be thicker/tighter or thinner/looser.

I personally use 0.13's, because I'm manly.
Or something like that.
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Be aware that you will have to mess with the springs if you change guages
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Quote by reincarnator
Be aware that you will have to mess with the springs if you change guages

Going from .09 to .10 will not need a tension adjustment as long as you stay in the same tunning.

The Ibanez guitars I believe come with .09's from the factory.

I myself prefer the .10's on all my guitars regardless of what tunning I am using.

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