Usually for finding chords of a song i would go to 911tabs and click the tab that was categorised in chords. Problem is, the site that all these chords were on, now redirects to MegaChords and it doesn't have any of these tabs. I'm talking about a site called Super Cifras. So how do i get to those chords, or is that site hacked or bought or something?

For example, Nightwish - Fantasmic: Broken tab link.
Or Sonata Arctica - Mary Lou: Again, no tab

And if they aren't available anymore, can anybody point me to another source of chord tabs please?
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There's this site called Ultimate Guitar, they have a few tabs


yeah but just a few.

Thanks guys. I seem to have skipped ultimate-guitar :P. But for those times that i need chords that aren't available on ultimate guitar, there was always Super Cifras. And that's gone now. So where do i get those chord tabs that aren't on UG? (Or how do i find out the chord progression used in a song?)

@Moza83: Thank you