Hey, I just got a Xenyx 502, and need help connecting it.
Can i just connect RCA Cables to go from the CD/Tape output into my laptop with a jack input at one end of the RCA cable?

Like This:


I know there is already a thread on this, but my questions have not been answered.
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i have looked at this, but as of now dont have the money

but thanks

Shouldn't have got the mixer then
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Shouldn't have got the mixer then

Well from the reviews and youtube videos, etc. no one said i needed that. Just said i needed RCA cables to go from the mixer into a laptop/computer with a jack input at one end.
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If the in on the laptop is a line-in, yes.

If it's a mic in, maybe.

Sound will be crap though. Get an interface. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-UCA202-U-Control-Silver/dp/B000KW2YEI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1247235796&sr=8-1

And by the sound will be crap, do you mean it will be really soft, and quite, or do you mean that there will be fuzziness, etc.
that behringer interface needs the rca-rca cables anyway without it it will be fuzzy
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All this talk is strange to me.
I use the older 1002FX mixer and use its 1/4 inch jack outputs to a converter to bring it to a stereo 1/8 plug and straight to my line in. Great clarity if you don't want everything on 10 all the time. It records voice, guitar (direct or mic'd from an amp) and bass without the slightest bother. Not sure about your 502 but I can't imagine its all that different.
You'd think some of the guys here were on commission from the guitar interface makers.
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return it ASAP and save up for a interface. That mixer is useless to you
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Dude keep the mixer, just save for an interface, they aint that much and the desk will help out quite a bit
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There is absolutely no reason to use a mixer when you have fully functional DAWs available to you that can do the same thing. Get an interface so you can record to separate tracks.
the mixer alone isnt an interface but could be used with the USB behringer product listed above.

I still am against using analog mixers for recording...especially the smaller mixers. You don't get enough output busses to route audio and everything in the end is a single stereo track.

Now I used to use a Yamaha MG 10/2 mixer and a stock sound card when I started recording, but you get into issues with less than great quality as well as lots of latency. I still use the mixer for live video stream broadcasting but run though an audio interface for better results in the end. For recording, you should really go with an interface, not a mixer. If you don't have the cash,, save up for something...don't just go buy cheap or pointless gear.

Buy smart, go for something like the M-Audio Fast Track MKII which isnt much.
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