hey guys
im planning on makin a custom guitar, and i haveno idea wat to do with the technical stuff
my dads friend is a carpenter and he said hed help with the body so i could make an original body and headstock, im planning on buying a neck blank cos i dont wanna mess up there
and i was wondering if anybody could help me with the pickups and installing a floyd rose, and the tuners in the headstock

so if any1 could help, thatd be great
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These are the kinds of questions in which reading the stickies is the best answer.
That and googling.
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
you might want to start reading up. stewmac.com has several books that would be of help or just use that google thing if you know how. it takes a lot of know how and you dont just want to jump in and learn as you go unless youre willing to make a crappy guitar the first time around and learn from mistakes to make a better second guitar. and a carpenters help would be valuable but theres still a lot of stuff that needs to happen thats outside of carpentry. comparing carpentry to the leuthiery arts is like comparing painting a house to painting the mona lisa.