Well I tried doing a search guys, but couldn't find the answer to all my questions...

I am building my first pedal board and need some help.


Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss DD-6 Delay
T-rex Moller Overdrive
Dunlap Crybaby Wah
*that's it for now

The Chromatic Tuner came with a power adapter and the guys at guitar center sold me another "octopus" type chord that I run from the Tuner and can supposedly power the other few pedals...Can I do that? What order is everything? I know I can switch some stuff around, but when I tried setting it up I can't get any sound.

I was plugging my guitar into the tuner=>diital delay=>overdrive=>wah=>amp

Is this right? Thanks a lot guys
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tuner first, then overdrive, then delay, then wah, and amp

Agreed, this will give you the cleanest natural sound from the pedals you have.
i put tuner last, so the last signal sent out is what is tuned. just to make sure. kinda stupid, but whatever. also it will definitely mute every signal being put out when u turn it on

u want to wah your overdrive, not overdrive your wah...so...

i would do this:

guitar > wah > overdrive > delay > tuner

try that and let me know how it works.
actually i agree with rkmad

but it depends more on the sound that YOU want.

the way i told you to do it is just for the most natural sound
check to see that all pedals in the chain are getting power. you can use the tuner to power pedals but you need to make sure the milliamp rating for the tuners power output is higher than the milliamp requirements for all the pedals youre powering combined. and also you might have noise (static,RFI,etc) problems with a long daisy chain powering several things. and as for the order the "standard" way (although there arent any rules just let your ears tell you what you like) would be guitar - tuner - wah - overdrive - delay - amp.

edit - p.s. the reason i say tuner first is so its tuning a pure guitar signal. the overdrive or wah could cause note tracking problems and inaccurate tuning because of the added harmonic overtones they put into the signal. none of your pedals are going to make your guitar sound out of tune if its not so putting it at the end wont help anything. like i said before though there arent any rules so feel free to try out anything you can imagine...
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you should also get a noise suppressor if your going to use a pedal to power others
again...instead of gettin a noise suppressor....is there just another simple way to power them?
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again...instead of gettin a noise suppressor....is there just another simple way to power them?

several manufacturers make power blocks that have several power outs on them and you just run your pedals with individual power lines that all go to it. that would help with the noise vs using a big daisy chain.
try this page
well a noise suppressor would also just cut down your overal noise so why not?
so with the power supply thing...do i need to have the AC adapter for everyone? or does it come with them?

Or can I use the cable I already had that I was running from the Tuner out to the other pedals?