Hi guys.
I have been playing guitar for about 10 months now, and i was wondering how much time should someone be playing before they join a band usually.
Thing is, i sometime get bored just playing alone or with a friend- i really wanto to get into a band and play with a few people.
If you can play powerchords you can at least join a band a play a bit of the background guitar just to come in... when you get better you can try to play solos and so on
...but it depends on the band you want to join
You should join a band when you're able to fill your role in the band, regardless of how long you've been playing. Your ability to fill the role depends on how the role is, the role in the band can be everything from simple powerchord-rythm to crazy shredding - it all depends on the band.
Record yourself playing with a CD and listen to it, if it's painful to hear then you might want to wait a little longer.
Thanks guys.
pwrmax,i actually did it out of curiousness yestersay.
A little AC/DC playing and power chord stuff, and i don't wanna brag but it turend out really well :P.
That's good to hear.
I've been in a band for a couple of months and have played about the same length of time. We do some Metallica covers, mess around with Maiden a bit, and some of our own stuff. I pretty comfrotable holding my own against recordings of the original bands, and apparently I play pretty well.

Just remember - the guy who fills his role to his best is the truly good guitarist.

For example, the Edge in U2 does his job, as minor as it is most of the time, but he does it well. The same goes for Kirk and James from Metallica - they do their respective jobs very well. While Kirk and James are far more technically skilled then the Edge, all of them fulfill their roles well whatever it is.

On the flip side, we'll look at old DragonForce. Herman Li was excellent in the studio, but his performance live was iffy at best (he's better live of late, but ignore that for a moment). He might be the most technically advanced person I'm talking about right now, but if he drops the ball even 20% of the time (one major screwup every five songs), the Edge is a better guitarist because he doesn't drop the ball at all.
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Take this to the Goddamned bandleading forum.

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