How do I keep my guitar in a new and mint condition ? I just have it for 3 months now, and rust has already appeared on the bridge, and the frets aren't shiny as they once were, same with the locking nut. And the finger board has stains which I think come from the sweat of my finger when I practice. Are there any ways to prevent this from happening ? Especially the rusty bridge and the dull-looking frets.

I know some fret-cleaning product out there but I don't know which one is good, can you guys recommend me something decent ?
Keet it in a semi humid enviroment that means a case that has a humidifier in it that won't over due the humidity. Is you live in humid climates your guitars gonna rust, but if you just don't humidify your guitar case your guitar will warp so its a trial and error thing
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Clean your guitar off each time you're done playing it, it does have a noticeable effect.

Sweat (from your hands, arms, and head possibly) causes the metal components to corrode, so keeping the guitar clean will help keep it in tip-top shape.

Edit: Also some steel wool will make your frets look like new again.
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