I've recently built a 1x12 cab with an Eminence Cannabis Rex. Just for info, the cab is 20"(H)x18.5"(W)x11.25"(D). Made of pine with birch plywood front and back baffles. I have a Blackheart Little Giant 3/5 watt head.

I had the speaker in for about a week and I started noticing an annoying buzz. It happens with the amp volume only at about 10.5 oclock and higher. I hear it when I hit the open High E string, and any note that equals that... (5th fret on B, 9th fret on G). Also I hear it other times too I think, but I've only been able to pin down those.

Anyway, I checked every bolt, screw...nothing. Took the cab apart, and the speaker is sitting on cardboard and it still does it, so it's not the cab. Even tried a different room to make sure something else wasn't resonating. And I can definitely tell is coming straight from the speaker.

So, I don't know if there is any easy fix for this..but I am still within 45 days and I got it from Musicians Friend. I got it for $65 as a 'Dent and Scratch'. It's regularly ~$90 I think.

So I'm probably gonna get it replaced unless anyone can suggest an easy fix to try. Also, Im debating returning it and getting a Weber Signature Alnico. I really like the sound of the Cannabis rex, but I don't really get any speaker break up with my 5 watt amp so I was wondering if that would be a better speaker and it's only ~$45.

Thanks for any info!
Second page bump.

Come on peeps. This is a specific question. Everyone complains when people ask vague questions that no one can answer Plus musiciansfriend want to know what I want to do.

They will
1. Refund my money
2. Make me pay a difference of $24 for a brand new Cannabis Rex

I think I may just get a refund and order a Weber Signature Alnico 12. I just need to decide on the 12S or 12.
Screw it again!

MusiciansFriend is sending me a brand new speaker with no extra $$ required from me. Yay. And thanks for everyone's help