Some of you might remember a few days ago I posted a NPD about my Dano Fish n' Chips and how the battery leaked inside it. Now Dano in America said they would replace it for me but no such luck with Dano UK

Is there a way I can easily transfer the components out to another board? Dano UK said that once the battery acid hit the board the pedal was essentially buggered as the acid would start to eat at the board.

Now I think it was left outside by the post office but would that cause the battery to leak? I don't really know who I should contact to put a claim in about it

Will post pics of it later if needed.
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Post Pics.

No, I don't think leaving it outside caused the battery to leak. The batterly leaked because it was old or defective. Was it the battery supplied by Dano. That cheap ass battery? Do you have battery acid inside the pedal. I don't think I need to tell you not to touch that stuff lol.
haha I remember that NPD!

Pics would help alot, or you can post a link to that old NPD you had.

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Haha. UG's Chuck just said chuck. haha
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I wiped away a lot of the old gunk in there. So you think that if I do make a claim with anyone it should be the battery manuf' ? *goes to find battery*

I dunno if it was the one that was supplied as I got it second hand. But since I'm claiming for it and I'm very pissed off about it I'm going to claim for a new one

The bin men have been God dammit now I don't know who made the battery.

D'ya think if I e-mail Dano back and ask if they would replace it I'll get a positive response?


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No. You're screwed. Throw that away. I need to re-read your OP. A new one is only $40 US.

Edit: Yeah, you got is second hand. Go to who sold it to you, that is your ownly claim me thinks. Batteries go bad man, but you can at least see who the battery manf. is.

This is not Danelectro's fault.
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I know it's not Dano's fault but if I lived across the pond they would replace it for me is all that's kinda annoying but I suppose that's just how it goes

I shall be asking for a refund from the eBay seller see how that goes, put that money towards a new one or something, I'll probably end up just having to buy a new one thought tbh.

More expense!
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