I can't think of a particular song, but all of Chimaira is in drop c and they've usually got solo's in that skill range.
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Chimaira, Disturbed, And System Of A Down are all drop C or Drop C#. Well lots of disturbed is in drop C...
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"Hearts Burst into Fire" and "Waking the demon" both by Bullet For My Valentine

I already know those. Hee Hee! !
If you are looking for a very easy solo, check out Alive (N out of control) by Papa Roach.
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Inside the Fire by Disturbed is a pretty cool solo that (is/sounds) easy. Lots of trem-picking with open strings and just single notes basically, but with a few tasteful wah-flavored bending licks.
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tears dont fall by bullet...

fun times to get used to using a wah pedal

Already know that song >_<! I know mostly all B4MV Songs. ! And song Paramore. x3