i have a schecter gryphon and the nut/washer or w/e on the jack was loose so i tightened it, but after that the amp would no longer pick up any sound...i checked the wiring and it seemed as though there should be two wires connecting or something but there was only one. none of the wiring was loose so i closed it back up to discover...the sound works as long as you are touching the string and there is a loud buzz unless you are touching the face plate for the jack. can anyone help me fix this thing?
first of all stop taking your guitar apart my friend had a similar problem with his bass take it to a guitar shop its a $20 problem at the must
Sounds like a grounding problem. Do you have access to a soldering iron?
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Sounds like it's not earthed properly. Try it through a different amp/power socket if possible (may be the amp or a badly earthed socket), check (or get checked if you don't know what you're after- google is your friend for wiring diagrams) the wiring inside the guitar.
There should be two connecting the jack, sounds like you spun the jack and ripped the ground off.
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haha.....haha....haha...Female jack...I'm sorry!!

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you do realize of course that it is called a female jack, and the part on the cord is called a male jack.
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