Im Using either the Iceman Ic300 or the Epiphone Standard Les Paul, both of them have this problem so i assume its related to my amp and pedal,

I haev an AXL 20 Watt, and a Zoom G2.1u

I generally use the one distortion patch i picked up from the zoom haax site its nice until i start going towards my 1st 2nd and 3rd strings, it just rings out its very sharp and not smooth sounding, thats the best way i can describe it

why is this is it the setting on the pedal and amp combined, or is it the guitars

P.S i was reading up about intonation and im sure my guitars need that aswell i have them perfectly tuned according to the pedal yet playing a song for example One, when im playing certain parts to the tab that i assume is pretty much 100% right it just sounds dead wrong, e.g. the sweep pick part 16,15,14 going down

Care to clarify and shed some light cheers guys

P.S.S if you have a zoom g2.1u and have a nice heavy metal like distortion for songs like SOAD, Disturbed, etc. and some good amp settings such as where my treble and middle and bass should go for a decent sound just a basic one so i can play with it and refer to it

Cheers =D
Tone-wise, it is entirely that amp and that pedal. But it sounds like you do need to get the guitars set up. Just take them to a music store and ask for a set-up.

As for the tone... My advice? Buy a decent tube amp, and chuck that Zoom into the fiery pits of hell.
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have you tried editing the patch maybe add a little bit of chorus or reverb just to take the brittle edge off the tone
im not too much of a sound expert as you can tell but ill try it i just like to have that heavy strong chug so i try to keep it as much as possible
As for adjusting my inonation its nice and straight forward if i could flip my saddles -.- its impossible to get them out i removed the retainer i cba to remove the bridge entierly and ruin my action i dont want to have to adjust it all any help?
Okay guys, it seemed i just had very dead strings, they were quite old but i wasnt sure how much of an effect dead strings could have on your intonation

now thats sorted everything sounds sweet again expect coming to about the 18/19th fret on high e, is sooo sharp is this like unavoidable with such a deep distortion ?