I've really been getting into bebop lately, (jazz in general) but I still don't know many artists, particularly ones that manage to incorporate the guitar into this genre.

If you have any suggestions of pieces that can be adapted to guitar or that have a guitar part, so that I can have a look at the harmonic progressions, rhythms, melodies; I know jazz is improvisational, but I have to start somewhere.

So far in terms of jazz and fusion I've played some of the more obvious classics, like Take five, Dona Lee, Chameleon (more on the funk side I know); and Chromazone by Mike Stern; but I'm interested in real bebop and hard bop.

Thanks in advance to anyone responding.
Wes Montgomery, any of his albums really and early George Benson. But ANY jazz can incorporate guitar. Get yourself a bazz fakebook and just start learning all the standards such as autumn leaves, oleo and black Orpheus.
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Wes Montgomery, any of his albums

Try not to go for his more 'popular' stuff, The Incredible Jazz Guitar is probably your best bet a long with Smokin' At The Half Note. If your looking at getting any George Benson, The George Benson Cookbook is also a neat choice or The Essential Geprge Benson which gives a good overview of his entire carrer.
Got a massive fakebook online, thanks for the suggestion. I'm finally on holidays so now I can get into it.

Thanks guys.
Check out the charlie parker omnibook. It has a couple of his heads and solos written in it for C instruments. Its pretty much a full compendium of jazz phrasing.
Transcribe every bebop lick you hear; that's the only real way to understand bebop IMO. Oh and don't worry about listening to guitarists; your instrument is a tool it shouldn't define what you play.

Pat Martino has some interesting stuff (more hard bop really but whatever) Barney Kessel, Kenny Burrell and Joe Pass are generally regarded as some of the "biggest" beboppers (after Wes of course.)

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