I'm not sure if there is a thread about this or not. But I have my first live show this upcoming monday, and am very nervous. i was wondering, how do you get over this? Do you have any tips for playing live? anything would greatly help me.

I should probably mention it is at a coffee shoppe. I know, not the most exciting of venues, but again, first time doing this. Mainly friends and family will be there, but then the friends are bringing friends, and etc.
best thing to do is start playing in front of people to get rid of the nerves. i know it took me a year or 2 to really get used to playing in front of people and not get anxious or nervous
It just comes, if you exaggerate yourself as a person while playing not only do you tend to lose your inhibitions as you go on "well ive already jumped while playing a chord so i might as well...". You also win an audience over to you by looking like you know what you're doing (definitely learnt that one playing with a band that did its first 30 minute show with one hour of rehearsal beforehand.
Make sure you don't play too fast! Lot's of times I got nervous and found myself speeding up, so just take a deep breath and keep your own rhythm!
So basically fake it? I can do that
yeah... I did my school talent show, so maybe it will be like that. When i got up there, I did okay and wasnt nervous. it was mainly just before and after.
Take it to bandleading, for Christ's sake.
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The tips I would have would have would be:
1.Don't focus on one person, look around the entire time. If you look at one person for too long you start wondering what their thinking and then you tend to screw up.

2. Start with your most solid song! This is very important because it gives you confidence, makes your audience pay attention and boost your confidence for the rest of the show.

3. Don't think too hard about what your playing. Normally if you play a song without thinking much about it, you'll pull it off by instinct (I'm assuming you know your setlist very well) I always make the joke that I can hold a conversation and play the sweet child o' mine intro, but if I sit down and focus on every note I always mess it up! Lol

4. Always make sure your stuff is functioning right. Tune your guitar (I'm assuming you play guitar) set your levels, and do a very good sound check. You shouldn't have much to worry about at a coffee house (seeing as when I played mine we didn't even mike the amps) but it's always nice not to add equipment problems to your list of things you have to worry about.

5. RELAX! I can't stress this enough. It's your friends and family, their going to enjoy seeing someone they know perform. And remember that most the people out there would never have the guts to get up there and play.

Hope that helps!
Make sure you enjoy cause, moments after you forgot most of what happened on stage. (or is that just me)
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Interect with the audience right before you play, i ust go back playing my second gig to about300-400 people, and just as we got onstag there was tehnical hitch, so we were stuck chatting with the crowd for 5 minutes, making them laugh really calmed me down and helped me play smoother.

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