well, i currently got alot of time.so i am playing ALOT every day.i started to build some tempo with a metronom.i got from 80bpm to 110bpm in the past three days.with is alot for me (yeah i know ) i was really happy with my playing yesterday but today when i stared playing i really sucked at keeping tempo..and even playing chords.as i would got worse by practicing more was it a little bit to much and i need a break for one day or so.or shall i practice on?

stupid question, i know...but i still hope you guys can help me.peace
Don't practice and practice with no breaks. Practice for a bit, then take a little break. Then practice, then break. Don't forget to just have fun, too!
I think that 30bpm in just 3 days is too much, I'm not sure if that's reccomendable. Just relax, take short breaks but don't stop practicing
Whenever I get into a situation like that I usually slow down/take a break and let everything I've been working on kinda slide into place before moving on if that makes any sense.
Yeah, I'll do that- Practice like crazy and then all of a sudden I sound like crap and can't stand to play. When that happens, I put down the guitar for a few hours, maybe even the rest of the day, and relax.
The next time i start playing, I'm right back on target.
Works for me.