So, im currently sitting on a job i make 450 a week for doing nothing, but it takes up most of my day. So i have been building up my collection of guitars and periphs. My current Setup is An agile custom lp, a custom parts strat, an ibanez rg and a takamine acoustic all through a Boss GT-10 into an overpriced speaker (line 6 Spider 3)... I dont play in a band atm because i cant find a drummer to save my life. I play alot of blues and metal for the majority of the time. the question at this point is; New amp or New Guitar. I live in an apartment so large amps are sorta useless and my city has jack sh** for sale when it comes to decent amps (marshall, fender and 3 vox's) so unless i get lucky and find something used its those choices or buying something online which is f***ing impossible since i live in canada and nowhere big ships here. Anyways thats my 2 cents and id appreciate any imput you guys have.

Tl;Dr : looking for something to gas over
all that cash coming in for doing nuthin and you bought a line 6 *tut tut*

you`ve got some nice guitars so get rid of the line 6 and go for a decent amp even if you have to travel to get it....how do you get paid for sitting on your backside or do you test toilet seats for a living
Well, given the apartment situation and not being in a band, I would shy away from a new AMP. Line 6 is fine for bedroom jamming. And, believe it or not, I think the Spider's work well as a Power Amp for a Multi Effects Processor. I had a Spider II (HAD), and if you read the manual carefully, there's a way to turn off all the effects and amp modelling and use pretty much as a power amp. Holding down a certain button while you power it on or something like that. It then plays very well with effect pedals.

That said, maybe you should go for a multi effect processor, say a Boss GT-8 (or whatever model they're up to now, 10 I think). You could get alot of goofing around done with that to satisfy the GAS.

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I don't know about anyone else, but around here you can also look in the paper and find drummers or guitarists looking for people to play with to start up bands. Maybe look in the paper see if there are any drummers in your area, then maybe browse ebay for a new amp?