I've always wanted to learn how to play this part of the song and I've never been able to find a tab of it or figure it out out myself. It's the part of the song that starts with about 1:15 of the song left right before the real outro that there's already a tab for on this site. It would be awesome if someone would tab out both guitars so I could play it with a friend but just the one guitar that starts first would be cool too. I know there are other people who want this tab, and I Actually think someone might have tabbed it once on the between the buried and me forums but I'm not sure. I've seen a youtube video of some dude playing it but it got deleted after I asked him to tab it for me. I don't think it's that hard to figure out; it's in c# standard.

... and actually a tab of the whole song would be cool. There used to be one on metaltabs but they dont have any btbam anymore
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