Anyone else use this software?

GearBox is a piece of software that comes with the Line 6 toneport soundboard. It basically simulates a real amp.. and you are given loads of different amps, effects and cabs to choose from.

I love my toneport, much better than using a real amp for me. Since I only play for fun at home. I have a lot of different guitar sounds available and it only takes a split second to change from one to another! And it only cost me about $200.

A "tone" is a saved setting of amp, cab and effects.. so basically I have a Mastodon tone, an Opeth tone a Porcupine Tree tone etc.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone else use this software, and have any good metal tones to share?

I can upload all my tones if anyone's interested. I've got a good crunchy/soft Mastodon sound that I'm especially happy with.
It's a good piece of kit but yer... wrong forum I think.

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I have a Guitar Port. Same thing, except everything is done through their software that you install on your computer. I used to like using it. Haven't used it in a while though.
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I have it. I get a good metal sound with the JCM800 model with the Classic distortion, some EQ, and the noise gate.
Can you only record guitar with it, or can you synthesise guitar too?
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Sure, here are all my tones (just extract them to your /tones folder)

The quality varies heavily though, but some of them should be decent. Feel free to share yours as well.
I had to experience to using this software before. It was a very nice software, I was happy to use this software and with this software I had lots of work in it.