It was my midway through my longest winter
When I came across you in the summertime
Your rays came forth and scorched my toes
Leaving the glow of heaven right behind
The kiss from your lips cleared the rain
You're the hole that my key had to find

My hands were caked with mud and dirt
From the great climb out of this giant pit
The trap that caged me with shame and misery
Has been re-opened since you discovered it
Its a bit surprising I'm still here
For my conscience kept telling my body to quit

Now my eyes have been healed and finally I see
The evil that saved me was sleeping with me
I thought you were here to give me some rescue
Yet you took my fragility and gave it to the wrecking crew
Why would you build me up just to break me back down?
Why make me smile just to turn it back to a frown?
Yeah your attempts to rhyme ruined it for me too. First stanza great though, albeit the 'hole and key' is a little played out, not like the rest of that verse.