Right now... I practice with ALOT of gain... so I was wondering... Pros and Cons of both clean and gain tones for practice!
Well, for a truly productive practice session you'll use both (typically, unless your music has no overdriven guitars).
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For practicing, no distortion, decent gain. Higher gain will show you your problems better and help you get good at muting and such =]
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Practicing clean will show you ALL of your shortcomings. Turn up the gain if you want to sound good. Turn the gain down if you want to know how good you actually are.
practice clean when working on technique, you're mistakes wont be disguised by distortion.
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i usually play clean, or i play with a slightly overdriven tone. i never really use high gain except when i randomly feel like playing metal
clean will show you the nuances of your technique and attack. and distortion will show sometimes painfully how sloppy you are.
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I only ever play in distortion if I am playing to someone else, otherwise if its just listening to it than I play clean tone.
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Practicing clean is vital as it allows you to hear how good your technique is - you'll never be much of a player if you have to rely on distortion all the time. Your sound starts with your physical interaction with the string, the only way to hear the subtleties of that is to turn the distortion down.
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