c4c - listen to a demo on www.myspace.com/joyridingrange

I know I'm growing older because,
I'm growing out of that trendy music phase,
But we all need change.

Time is ticking by so fast and,
It seems like only yesterday,
That I bought my first rock and roll CD
From across the bay.

I'm bored of the same old story.
You know the one that never changes.
And though I've tried to turn the pages.
The future is unwritten but I can't break from the past.

I know I'm growing older because,
I'm growing out of the ways that have trapped me,
And you can't blame me.

But I'm beginning to lose patience,
With the man that I thought I was supposed to be,
Because I can't break free.

All I do is waste my time,
And my friends round me are as much alike.
I liked the topic you chose. It's something I can relate to pretty well: how you get caught in this purgatory between who you were and who you want to be. It's a great subject that I think lends itself to a vast array of images, metaphors, etc. And while I do like what you've with it here, because I could hear your voice coming through, I just think you could've done a little more with it. I think you could've conjured up some vivid images or interesting metaphors to kind of show us this battle that you have within yourself.

That's just my opinion. I liked it nonetheless.
here, My Dear, here it is
hahaha, i though you guys were called Joy Riding Orange looking at the link xD

I liked listening to it, though the instruments need compression out the window. I don't think you need "and roll" in the second stanza. Felt like the line extended a little more then it needed to.

I liked the song though Not bad for a demo.