This is a thread i posted a long time ago. To make a long story short, my uncle killed himself, and this guitar was left behind. I found it in his old room years later and decided to take it home. It appeared to be a generic and it looked like my uncle was just messing around with putting a guitar together. There are pics in the link below.


Well i finally had it customized and it came out absolutely incredible. Basically, an entire new neck was built for the guitar from scratch. I had a "white rose" inlayed at the 12th fret and had it engraved in the headstock. The flame on the back of the neck and headstock is beautiful. The pics hardly do it justice.

I had all of the hardware replaced too. It has:

Seymour Duncan JB
Seymour Duncan JB jr
Seymour Duncan Lil 59
Fender Tremelo system (2 point)
Sperzel locking tuners

It sounds amazing. I own a brian moore custom c90p that retails for over 5k, and this guitar sounds just as good, if not better then the brian moore.

I was almost brought to tears when the guitar guy showed it to me. I had to wait a year from when i got it before i could have it worked on, because i wasnt financially stable enough to get it done right away. I didnt want to "skimp" at all with the work when the time came to restore it, so i saved my money for a year and then had it worked on. The entire process took about 3 months.

These pics do not do it justice, they were taken with my cell phone.
back of neck.jpg
closeup inlay.jpg
front body.jpg
full neck.jpg
That looks really, really awesome. That inlay is beautiful.

How's that JB Jr. sound? I've been looking at those and have never found much good iinformation on them.
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i definately recommend that pickup. It sounds alot thicker then a regular single coil. Its got alot more punch.

Almost if you could picture a humbucker kramed into a single coil setup...
Wow.......its still classy and I'm sure your uncle would be proud of what you have done to it.
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Any videos/sound clips?
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thanks guys. it really means alot to me. Unfortunately i do not have the ability to record sound clips, but if i ever do, i'll make sure to post up some vids/clips of me playing it.

The inlay work came out perfect. It wasn't "too much," and the engraving at the top is subtle and nice.
This thread is pretty much the reason I put up with all of the dumb questions on this forum. Really great work, and really great story to it.
R.I.P. Les Paul, 1915-2009

A man chooses, a slave obeys.