I was thinking of getting a behringer bass v amp pro but i wasnt exactly sure on what connections to use to connect to my amp.
I have a Hartke ha2500 head into a behringer 2 x 10 cab and i was wondering what output i would use on the v amp and if it would go to the instrument input of the ha2500 or if it would go to the effects send and return.

Outputs from the v amp -

Thanks for any help
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Behringer's not a company I would choose to buy something from.

+1 I agree completely.
Had a couple bad experiences with Behringer cabs blowing.
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Well ive had my cab for almost a year now and used it extensively and had no problems with it and people only seem to have good things to say about the v amp pro so i think il take the chance on this one.
Any help with the connections?
Don't buy a Behringer.
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I have the regular V-Amp for guitar. I hate it.
The amp models sound thin and digital compared to my Vox Valvetronix modelling amp.
The effects are also too digital.
The EQ is useless.
When switching presets (eg. clean -> overdrive), there's a notable silence between.
I'd save for something better. I don't know much about bass FX but our bassist uses a Boss ME-50, which he likes.

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