So I decided to do a full cover of Weezer's Say It Ain't So (Other than the bass and drums for the normal reasons). I think the vocals might be a little quiet, but then at parts they seem alright, but whatever. Let me know what you think.

And c4c, leave a link.

EDIT: Also, guess I might as well ***** out my other instrumental song :P https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1159838 You can check that out, too, if you want..
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Island in the sun cover on my profile.

I'm not sure if i've ever heard the song so i can't say much

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It's arguably Weezer's best song, and you haven't heard of it? :O

So nothing to crit about otherwise, my vocal ability (Not so sure about it) or guitar playing? Maybe recording quality/mixing?
I loved the guitar tone (the solo distorted guitar at the start was orgasmic). I think the vocals were good (you make it sound like a soft-indie rock song which is good), but it sounds like it was recorded on a cheap mic. Maybe you could increase the high end to fix it without having to record new vocals.

...after listening more towards the end of the song, I have to say the drumming is awesome.

If you want, you may crit my cover of I'll Be Back https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1159974
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Thanks Laces, yeah indie rock is pretty much the kind of thing I write, so to sound like it is a pretty good thing. :P I could raise the highs a bit, I do notice now that it sounds a little iffy.

The drummer is pretty good, never out of time, but sounds a little robotic... haha. I did work on the velocities of the hits, though, so thanks.

I'll check yours out.
The guitar is a little loose, but it's good. The vocals were pretty good, but you might be covering it up with a little bit of fuzz or something it sounds like. It'll work out for this song, but not on every other song. You basically nailed the solos perfectly. They sound just like the song, especially the tone.

Overall it was pretty good.

Nothing from me for C4C.
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My mic isn't the best, it goes in and out of recording, so it took a ton of takes to get the vocals. And it doesn't even get very good frequencies when it does work.

Vocals are quiet, there is not body to them. I like your voice a lot, good work. Are you using a condenser, or did you try to add an effect during post? How did you record the distorted guitar? I want that tone.
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Any vocal weirdness is probably due to the mic, there aren't any effects other than a EQ trying to get some more highs in there. All the guitars are recorded using Guitar Rig 3, it works pretty well.