I didn't know where to put this, so I figured electric guitar hah.
Anyways, I might be making the change from a 6 to a 7 string.
I dont have any experience with 7 strings, and playing for a 1 1/2 years, i've only played with 6 strings.
I've learned everything i know on a 6 string.
What can i expect with this change?
Will it be as drastic as I'm thinking?
What string is being added and what can I expect with tuning the new/extra string?
(say if i play in C G C F A D) what do I tune the new string too?

Sorry for all the noob questions, if you can answer these questions that'd be great.
if you could throw in any other advice that would be awesome too.
It's a weird transition, I guess. The neck is alot wider, and its sorta hard to play at first. The 7th string is tuned to B.
The seventh string is usually tuned to a B, with the tuning in standard; therefore you have B E A D G B E. You get 5 extra low notes - B, C, C#,D, D#. For the tuning you mentioned, a 7 string is possibly not the best option because the low B, or if you tuned down to low A, is not really gonna be useful with drop-C tuning. However, you could tune the guitar to standard and then drop the seventh string to A, which would give you drop-A tuning, if you really need drop-something tuning. Another tuning you could use would be open-G, because the extra B string fits in with the G Major chord.

The change to 7-string is not drastic and doesn't take long to get used to, and the extra low notes come in handy if you like to play metal or jazz. If I had to choose only one guitar to have, it would be a 7-string.

Hope this helps.
It's much easier than you think, takes about a week to adjust to, then you never really notice it, unless you pick up a 6 string and they feel small.

Standard 7 string tuning is a low B so BEADGBe

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i had no problems playing a 7 string the first time, all ive ever known was music theory and scale patterns and such so doing all my power scaling and such tranfered right over.

it's quite a fun instrument.
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No offense, but if you're asking those questions, stick to 6-strings for now.

You have to learn somewhere..?
And now I just learned what I felt I needed to know to make the transition.
Plus, my 6 string, rg120, i've had for over 4 years and it has alot of problems, the input doesnt even work anymore. Granted it's a semi-easy fix. but i'm getting a hell of a deal on an rg7321

Thanks for all the responses all, it really did help /thumbs up.