First of all i know we arent supposed to make any more threads about him, but this is more to do with his brain if that makes any difference

Also apologies if this has already been done.

It has been reported that Michael Jackson's brain is not with his body as tests are being carried out on it and it needs something like 2 weeks to dry out.

Given Michael's rather bizarre lifestyle and health issues this made me wonder about things until i came to the theory that scientists are storing his DNA and genetic material in order to in some way bring him back or clone him if the technology becomes available.

I believe that there could be a strong possibility of this happening as given the singers erratic health issues i wouldnt put it past him wanting to clone himself in the future.

Anybody else see where im coming from?

tl;dr- scientists are using Jacksons brain and DNA to clone him in the future when technology becomes available
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You don't need the brain to get DNA, nimrod. They could get it from his hair. Someone close this.
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