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Hey this is a new song ive been composing.
Its neo-classical sounding. And its just a work in progress. theres still
notes i need to add here and there. and its unfinished.

I was thinking maybe i could have vocals at measure 39 instead of the guitar.
theres only drums in the beginning cause im not too good at writing drums.

tell me what you think so far.
Love Letter01.gp5
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It lacks originality; sounds like every other progressive/neo-classical song out there. Sounds like a few things I've written. It's good, though. Keep it going.
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yeah it does sound very unoriginal. i've heard a few things that sound like this myself
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thanks for thecomments guys. i didnt realize it was so unoriginal. probably because i dont listen to too much neo-classical. i ony listen to actual classical music hehe.