Does anyone know of a list of effects settings for the various popular guitar effects. I have the g system and each effect has so many parameters to set. I could sit there for hours and adjust each setting but i dont want to. In 2 years I have one custom setting with chorus and delay I use for my clean and lead sound and adjust tempo with the tap feature. I use my amps tone i just want in depth parameters for stuff like whammy,chorus, flang,eq, ect.. Is there a book or something.
Check the website for the manual?
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I know how to adjust them. For example the Tape Delay has parameters for: Delay 0-1800ms,tempo,drive 0-24db, Feedback 0-100%,Fb LowCut 20.0Hz-20.0Khz, Fb HighCut 20.0Hz-20.0Khz, Mix, and OutPut level. I was hopeing there was some kind of resource out there for suggestions on what values to set these at for a certain sound. Is there like a book or website or something. Boss has some info i just have to relate the knob position suggestions to 0-100 value i guess.