bottom line...keep your guitars at the correct level of humidity and string tension. I dont think this 12 string was built to play in standard E, probably a Standard D. I know it came from the store in standard D and I had it for a year after that tuned in E. Occasionally at night I would lay in my bed trying to sleep and I heard weird creaking noises and the sound of strings losing tension. Like a fool I thought nothing of it until one night I heard a loud bang, popping, tearing, and just utterly insane sound. The bridge got torn off this baby and bridge pins went flying. took me a while to find them all lol

I noticed the bridge slowly lifting for months and never thought much of it. Dont take risks with your guitars or ignore things you dont think are normal. Luckily for me this was just some banger Alvarez 12 string I got for $450 and im sure better quality instruments are less prone to these sorts of things
I've had the same guitar for 3 years and never had a single problem with it. It's how it was treated, not the quality of the instrument. Just my two cents.

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That sucks man...i know twelve strings have a problem with that...does that mean i should keep my twelve string in tune even though i never use it
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to im no acoustic expert but those guitars r under a crazy amount of stress and only last a few years in standard its way eaiser to just get a acoustic electric and use chorus or straight up electric but thats some funny sh!t lmao lol
yeah haha im honestly not upset about this at all. I dont find myself having much use for an acoustic that doesnt plug in anyway. and yes, roamingbard, treating the instrument right has everything to do with it. I wasnt blaming this on build quality at all, although it is a factor.

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Actually, higher quality instruments would be even more prone to taking humidity damage than some cheap laminate side/back guitar.
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Quote by Bright Light
I dont find myself having much use for an acoustic that doesnt plug in anyway.

Just as a heads up, incorrect humididty doesn't generally cause bridges to rip off. I'd bet that your bridge just had a bad bond in the first place and eventually the 12 strings got the best of it. Either way, the break is clean and any decent guitar builder can reattach it for you.
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