Yes, I know this is Ultimate-Guitar and not Ultimate-Synth. But I feel I have done my fair share of guitar covers over the years, it's time I was allowed to showcase my second love: synths! I chose an old Depeche Mode tune. There is not a scrap of guitar in this one, so if you're here expecting to hear some guitar, hit your back button and click on the next link down, I bet it's awesome.

This is for all of you who dig the old-school Depeche. Enjoy.

Listen to Fly on the Windscreen here: http://clarkemcmurray.dmusic.com/music/

Yellow button downloads, purple button streams.
Update (I am allowed to bump if it is a re-record, right?): I remastered it so it doesn't make your sub explode. If you like 80s stuff, go check it out!