Hey, could you guys check out my 2 new metal songs catatonic fleshstorm and fallen idol. They are both slayer inspired songs that are in Drop D. On Fallen Idol, I recorded with the distortion to high and the guitar too loud, but otherwise, it starts getting good at 30 seconds or so. Catatonic fleshstorm is better in my opinion, its an awesome song that sounds like a mix of slayer and bls. They are cool songs, so could you guys check them out and tell me what you think, I can look at some of yours too, if you want. Thanks.
The songs are on my profile.
On fleshstorm, (nice naming btw :P lol)

WHAT ... exactly are you using to record with??? "I recorded with the distortion to high" is a bit of an understatement 8*( clean it up a bit? we want to actual hear some resemblance of a guitar tone :P

I'm trying to grasp the direction of the song, but it to me sounds all over the place 8*( I don't know if that is the point, or if that is a point that is trying to be made by w/e genre it is? I'm at a bit of a loss

riffs such as 1:28 just really sound out of place
Its hard to get an understanding why 0:22 pops out of the mix, but perhaps a better runthrough with recording will help this, along with another guitar+drum track at least letting this track be a bit random whereas the other tracks help carry it a bit. Not sure if I helped or if I just sound like I'm going around trying to piss someone off XD I'm am trying to be constructive here, but I guess it would help if there were others that listened to w/e style this is

Well, whatever you are recording with ruins pertty much all of it, I would first of all add some mids, because it sounds like you aint using any. If your using a mic, you want it right up next to the amp and you want to barly hear the amp, as to not overload the mic.
Ok, first of all, your all over the place, your style is awesome, but the songs have no structure, I would first put some structure into them then rerecord them so its more of a song than a jumbled mess of improv. Not trying to be mean, just constructive. Hope it helps you out man.