any non-reggae songs you like that you think could make good reggae covers? the biggest one i can think of is dyer maker by led zep. i wanna do some covers with my band, but have worn out bands like sublime and such
thanks! one love
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Reggae Bass Covers mahn!!!

Dyer Maker is faux reggae

Really all songs could be covered in reggae style, try Elton Johns Bennie and the Jets, that'll be cool
Most any song with a good, steady rhythm would probably work well. Just try some stuff and see how it sounds.
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david bowie - ziggy stardust
the beatles - happiness is a warm gun
the beatles - day tripper
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I do a reggae version of the Johnny Cash version of Hurt, Katy Perry's Hot N' Cold, and it may seem like a joke but I actually do I Cum Blood.
^that's not even applicable. TS, listen to easy star all stars, they've done whole reggae cover albums of Dark side of the moon, OK computer, and Sgt Pepper's.
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there are countless reggae covers of dyer maker
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My band has covered "Loose yourself" and "Smooth Criminal"
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Look up 'Dread Zeppelin.' They do a ton of great classic rock reggae covers.
And they have an Elvis impersonator for a singer

EDIT: Damn, beaten to it.
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A friend challenged me to come up with an unusual reggae cover, so I did Tom Waits' 'Misery's the River of the World'. It's posted in my profile if you wanna check it out. Comments and critisisms are appreciated.
every cage the elephant song,
pyramid and maybe love train from wolfmother

really just take any upbeat or senseless or protest song and give it the regae beat and it will work
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Theres more. But those are the main ones
I was gonna say dread zeppelin, but was beaten to it...

In that case




Easy Star All-Stars FTW
They did the entire albums for those two

for the lulz :P
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My band does a Ska version of "Any Way You Want It" (by Journey). It's pretty badass.

I could see that being epic. I could also see that failing.
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I could see that being epic. I could also see that failing.

I'd like to think it's epic! If we had a good recording of it I'd post it.
Check out the Aggrolite's covers of "Dont let me Down" and "Aint too proud to beg" on youtube. Just simplify the song, and add that kind of soul and groove.
I think that "don't trust me" by 30H!3 would be a MUCH better song in ska or reggae.

Edit: and of course, i cant remember who, but someone did a cover of Gin and Juice by Snoop.
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Bob Marley's version of Hotel California is far superior to the original.
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Tommy The Cat by Primus.

I think it's possible. It's gonna be weird, no doubt, but it's possible.
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