I bought a used Marshall 212 1936 Cabinet today from Guitar Center, marked $350. Loved the sound and all, couldn't lower the price but got a free attachment cable instead. I also purchased the warranty for it, bringing the price up to $441...

Now, only after the fact, I totally remember what/ why I was going to do something completely else. I was recommended to get a cabinet from this guy:http://www.abcustomaudio.net/ and put some speakers in, and the other option I considered before but little pricier than the first was an Avatar cabinet...

Now, in light of my purchase, I'm considering refunding the warranty to get some money back, so it's not a total waste, even though I love it. Or should I keep it the way it is? Did I over pay? if it really worth the $70 - many more dollars for returning the entire cab to order the same cheaper?
You do NOT need a warranty on a Marshall cab, trust me. $350 is a good deal for it regardless. If you're happy, keep it. Just refund the warranty if you can.
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It's more in the area of $400 with tax, though... I am still thinking of voiding the warranty though, but my initial idea for getting the warranty was for the speakers, not sure how "used" it is, even though it seems to be in fantastic condition (haven't opened the back yet though)... Any more thoughts?
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Return the warranty if you can, don't need it. If you treat the cab right it won't fail you.
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Is it this one?


I'd say you got a good deal and I agree you don't need a warranty with it. They are pretty simple. Probably the simplest thing in a rig. If something happens you fix it yourself.
Call and ask, I'm sure you local GC is open today. If they say no, tell them you want to return the whole thing, that'll probably change their minds.
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