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what do you think about their new album?
"Songs To Scream At The Sun"
and on a diffrent note, are they breaking up after this current tour?
i heard something like that.
i'm going to see them in Birmingham, al. in september, stoked.
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Not exactly new; it's an almost a year old. I still love this band, and don't understand all the hate.

They are breaking up. I'll definitely try to see them at least one more time.
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new/newest ..whatever.

yeah, their probly one of my favorite bands next to trapped under ice.
i never get tired of thier music, all of their songs are great.
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I think the Songs to Scream At the Sun is awesome. You should put that as an option.
good dude, backed hard
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Songs to blah blah is a great cd for what it is.. they kind of went more melodic which I'm not into but the song writing is great and the lyrics are awesome. I prefer the things they carry. sucks they are breaking up.
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what counts will always be my favorite have heart record. but songs to scream at the sun isnt too bad
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yeah they kind went for a different style on this one, but lyrically and musicly it's one of the best put together albums of 2008(hence why is won hardcore album of the year). For the style that most people like i'm sure you'll all probably get a bit more enjoyment at The Things We Carry, but I can still sit down and listen to Songs To Scream At start to finish without skipping a song. A very well put together album, from an overrall great band. Sad to see them going. Hopefully I'll get to see them a couple more times before they break up. Pretty positive im going to TIH so........
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