Hey there fellow musicians, I've been playing Guitar for about 4 years now, but realistically probably 3 because I haven't been playing like i should for the past year

I was getting pretty decent and was well ahead of my friends who play, since i used to play almost all day every day.

I had a band for a bit, with my brother and some friends, all older than me and been playing a lot longer, I was on bass and learned the songs real quickly but unfortunately only got to play one show, I'm guessing because the band quit and Its been pretty impossible to find other musicians with the same interest in music (genre wise) who are reliable and willing to dedicate time to playing like i was, but I haven't been playing like I used to.

So I'm pretty much just now trying to get back into it again, learn some new songs, practice exercises and clean some of the rust off my fingers. Anybody else in a similar situation or been through it? any tips on getting back into the game, I'm not sure whether to get lessons or not, since I've taught myself the whole time, I don't know any theory and a lot of times when I don't quite get a song down in a few minutes I just get frustrated.

sorry post was so long, in short need to get back into playing again, thanks.

yeah thats what i've been doing usually, and also trying different genres, actually have been able to pick the thing up for a while today