ok theres a guy that wants to trade me this guitar for an xbox 360, one of the older ones with 3 controlers 20gb hardrive. hes also giving me a hardshell case, set of strings, a small practice amp, and a fender tuner. is this a good deal?

i dont know much bout this guitar, has an EMG-hz and a Seymore Dunkin dimebucker for pickups and double locking tremelo floyd rose. is this a good guitar or is there some particular reason they quit making them or w.e

thanks for the help
This is actually an amazing guitar, and they just discontinued it because they weren't very popular at the time. Get the guitar, change the pickups, and be amazed. This is what the new V-401DX is based off of.
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Yeah, that's a great deal. (As previously mentioned) Just change the pickups. Sweet guitar.
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