Poll: Which Multi-Effects Pedal would be the best
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Zoom G3.2tt
2 9%
Line 6 POD X3 Live
16 73%
Boss ME-50
4 18%
Voters: 22.
Well i can't decide which multi effects pedal to choose. i narrowed it down to 3 choices.

-Zoom G9.2tt
-Line 6 POD x3 live
-Boss ME-50

i'm a rock/metal guitarist who the odd time likes to play a clean tone. Mostly play slipknot,nickelback,some green day,BFMV ect ect. I don't care about price as they are all around the same price range. I've read all the reviews on ultimate guitar about these pedals and they are all good ones. which makes the decision hard. I will be recording my own songs along with playing covers and possibly soon starting to gig

EDIT: Forgot to mention.. what is the recording software like with these two prodcuts(not boss me-50)



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Zoom by a mile i stand by all there products
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If I were you I would buy a new amp, I dont think a multifx pedal will sound good on a spider III

but from those three I'll go for the XT live
well i just recently got this amp for christmas(last x-mas) so i don't need a new one yet. plus i know a guy who has a zoom g2.1u and it sounds find on his spider 75 watt.. This is gunna be my christmas gift for this coming x-mas.. so that is why i'm not worried about price. But if imma buy a new amp i'll be saving up for a while to buy a engl
I own the X3 Live and, while I freaking love it, it is NOT a good multi-fx unit. If you're looking for top-notch amp modeling and recording/gigging convenience, the X3 is where its at, but if you're just looking for some fun FX, I like the stuff that Boss and TC Electronics puts out. Zoom is supposedly great as well, but I've never used one so... yeah.
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Yes, I learned that one the hard way. Even if you can bypass the preamp in your spider it still doesn't have the life it should. My XT Live sounds best to me for most things through a small tube amp. I normally have mine plugged into a valve junior, but I've been using a blues junior (borrowed from a friend) for the last few weeks and it sounds great too. Pa's and power engines is another way to go. An amp that already has modeling and fx is just over kill and you will hear the difference. I have 2 other modeling amps and with a multi fx pedal they sound thin and lifeless. Try before you buy.
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jsut get a new amp.
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If it came down to this. Would i be able to buy a cab.. prolly 4x12. And just get the pedal?? either the zoom g9.2tt or the line6 pod x3 live?? so bassicly the only hook up you have is the effects pedal and the cab. no head untill i get enough money
You can't just run a pedal into a cab.

If anything, the pedal would have a preamp; so you'd need a power amp.
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you can still buy the ME-50? its called ME-70 now right? with 4 of those pedals
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I reckon your best bet is a TC G-Major. Iv owned many multifx units in my time and none have come close to the quality that is the TC unit. YEs the list of ffects is alot smaller than the others but each and every one sounds amazing, no compromises here at all. I own a xt live and the effects are okay but nothing to writ home about. Iv owned an ME-50 also and I feel it is nice but none of the effects shine like the TC. As for Zoom, Iv tried many Zoom units over the years and I hate their effects with a passion, cheap digital sounding ergh.

I guess you have to ask yourself what you really want from your effects. If all you want is a dose of verb, chorus and delay, maybe a flanger phaser and pitch shifter then get the TC.
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Go for the X3Live!
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Well i'm looking for the whole deal here. Crazy distortion while still having the effects if i would like to use them. also a nice clean tone for those odd acoustic songs i play. I've read some more reviews and i have noticed that the zoom pedal is a good pedal. just lots of people would prefer the line6 pod. The one thing that is turning me towards zoom is the Z pedal. The one thing turning me to line 6 is the fact that people say it has easier navigation then the g9, and just has better sounds in general. Quick question.. If i was to plug the multi effects into my computer. I don't think the line6 one comes with recording software(correct me if wrong cause i know zoom does) would i just use audicity to record???

EDIT: Gahh stuff just keeps popping up.. So if i get a effects pedal. To record. i can just plug it into my computer. But do i also need speakers if i'm recording a cover?
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