So, I was pretty much set on saving up for a AC100CPH, but then I found this at a local shop.

My question is: Is it worth $300?

I've only heard one sound clip, so I'm not sure about how it actually sounds.

So: Does it clean up well?
Would it suite post-rock?

How high is the actual gain on the amp, and can it play modern metal or does it need an OD?

Would it be worth the $300 if there were nobs missing and it was re-tultexed white?

[Meaning it's in rough shape cosmetically] but has new tubes.


I'm asking questions because it's through a shop that where I would need to call to make an appointment to try it out.

Would paying $300 for this be more worth it than $600 for a AC100CPH?
1. Most definitely.

2. Seems like it cleans up very well from clips I've heard, never played one though. You could probably make it do post rock if you know how to use your volume knob.

3. Indeed, it can do modern metal once you play with the dip switches.

4. Yes.

5. That's ultimately up to you, I suppose.
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Isn't it supposed to be a kind of JCM800 clone?
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I heard it was a JCM800 clone, but i wasn't sure if that meant it sounds exactly like a JCM800, because Bugeras sound nothing like the originals.
it is a JCM800 clone. clip in my profile of some metal tonez. it's also a great loud, clean amp. you can easily get replacement knobs, too. if you've got anymore questions, just let me know. definitely a sweet amp that's worth $300.

edit: in the clip it's boosted with my TS-808
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What's the normal going price for these amps?

I would like to get it as low as possible, but I don't want to walk in not knowing what i'm talking about, just trying to rip him off.

$300 seems about average. Try $250 maybe buy for $275, but $300 looks like the norm.

My buddy is the original owner of one. Pretty high gain amp. I don't know what you think modern metal is so I can't really say that. It does 80's stuff and thrash pretty well. Try it. I like white amps...
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