You can here what I recorded so far on my profile, 1st track. It's still not complete yet, but I would like some feedback. Ill post it again once I finish it.
pretty cool. one thing: if you were going for a slight metalcore vibe, you got it. i only say that cuz your list of favorite bands seems pretty legit, metal-wise.
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Sounds really good so far. It sounds like it could use something to bridge the gap between the different sections though. They feel disconnected to me like parts from two songs stuck in the same track. Both independently are very good though. If you can add a drum track either by machine or finding a drummer it could help that immensely. Also I'd encourage you to really take more advantage of dynamics. On Anonymity you did more so than on the new song, but dynamics really allow you to pull people in. Do something unexpected, switch to cut time after the energetic main riff, make us thirst for it's energy then give it to us, or after the tapping part slide into a soft melodic bridge that contrasts the angst of the song and soothes us so you can throw us back into a frenzy. Anyway just some ideas, I know it may not be typical of the sound your going for but I think it's at least worth toying with. You might find it could make you just a cut above other artists like yourself.

I'd appreciate your input on my work. Links in sig.
Need some kind of bridge between the parts :x
Anyway there's a 'dark' air in the music haha
If the rythms are faster , it will sound like Children of Bodom , with the arpeggios

Good Job.