I'm buying an Ibanez Signature for sure. The problem is which one. I'm going for either a Paul Gilbert 20th Anniversary Reissue, or a Steve Vai Jem. Anyone have experience with either of these? How well constructed? How's the sound? Etc, etc.

Ibanez Jem7V $2,600

Ibanez PGM100RE Gilbert Sig $2,000
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Play them yourself would be the best choice. Really there is not that much difference that we can just say which one is better.
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I voted lime.

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holy **** I was about to ask this exact same question.....I'm leaning toward the PGM personally, but I'd like to hear what everyone else says.
Im thinking PGM b/c of the color, and the pickups arent as powerful as the steve vai ones
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play them. they are almost the same thing with differetn PU's and trem. i dont like the PGM's color, so i would go for the JEM. Also, the PGM neck is a bit thicker thatn the wizard neck
also, the pickups are very different. The ones on the PGM are PAF pro's (mediu output) and the jem has Evolutions wich have a very high output.

Going only on first impressions alone, I would immediately rule out the Paul Gilbert one due to its very flamboyant color scheme. Which, naturally, leaves the Steve Vai JEM.

Personally, however, I wouldn't go for either as TONS of people seem to use the JEM, and I do not like the color scheme at all for that particular Paul Gilbert model. I would probably look for something else.
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I would say the JEM because the specs of the PGM are very similar to an RG. From my experience, sigs and prestige Ibanezes are pretty much the same quality. The JEM is one of two alder Ibanezes. If you want alder, go for the JEM. If you want a PGM, I would recommend getting an RG prestige and putting some F-hole decals on it. They're both great guitars, but it's hard to justify the price when you can get one of similar quality for half the price or you could get a J. Custom which would be a lot higher quality for the same price.
This fall there will be the PGM300RE which is essentially just like the PGM100RE but its white with black f-holes, if the color scheme of the PGM100RE is an issue.
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i love the PGM. i want to say i love it because the paint job is so original, but the jem is just as original looking (handle, vine inlay). i still vote PGM, not as many tonal options, but i think the originality and unique looks make up for that (if that's really allowed. because, i know, sound over looks).

sounds like a day at guitar center to sort this out.
Personally i like the JEM better, i dont like the PGM because of the fake f-holes.
I'd like to try them both out, but unfortunately, I only have access to the JEM because none of my local stores sell the PGM. I love the Jem, and for an Ibanez I love the sound (Because of the DiMarzio's obviously). I thought I'd give one of these a try 'cause I stopped buying Ibanez a few years back when they officially destroyed my faith in their company. So, I'll probably go with the JEM since I can't seem to get a hold of a PGM.
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I don't think either of them look good, but the PGM is just plain ugly. It has a cooler fretboard, but it's still nasty. If you played them and you can't decide which since they're almost the same then you could save $600 and go with the PGM. Maybe buy a pedal or something.
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It'd be a good idea, but I have all the FX I need, and I can't get ahold of the PGM, so I'm going with the JEM. Thanks for the input though.
Ibanez SAS32EX
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ENGL Fireball 60
ENGL Pro Greenback 4x12

I'd get the Gilbert simply because I'd trust Paul more to make a guitar.
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