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that's really good dude. seriously.

that melodies on the chorus are awesome
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I enjoyed this thoroughly. The only advice I can offer is to pan your lead guitars to one side and your rhythms to the other so everything sounds seperated and not like one big mashup. I panned the guitars while listening, and it made the clean choruses sound amazing. Also, during the break in bars 71-78, it sounds like there's too much going on. I think you should keep the clean guitars playing the melody, and the distorted guitars playing powerchords or something. Maybe on the last note fade it out. I hope you don't mind, but I edited your original file just to give an idea of what I'm talking about.

Really great piece, though. I wish I could write clean parts like that.

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That was pretty awesome. The first riffs are both really good and are a great start. The clean melodies in the chorus were cool, but I think you could do a bit more with the bass in that section. The soft break was nice, but I think the four guitars in bars 71-78 are a bit unnecessary, especially since they all do they same thing. I didn't like the first bars of the guitar break (the melodies seemed pretty bland to me), but it really started to pick up on bar 84, and it was great from there.

Overall, even though I generally don't like metalcore, I really like this song. The melodies are awesome, and it's original enough to stand out of all the -core we get in here. 9/10

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Sounds pretty nice, but not Deathcore. Cool! But the jetfuel edited version is better.
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