Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a big difference between EMG-81 and 60 and EMG- 81 and 85 pickups? My brother has the 81/85 which he said are very good for metal and I'm looking at buying an ESP EC-401 which has the 81/60. I just want to know will these pickups be good for playing metal music? So I guess my other question would be, is this a decent guitar? I'm just looking towards a farely good guitar, not too expensive. This is what I was looking into:


And is there any other guitar suggestions for me? (I prefer the Les Paul shape). And I play mostly metal.

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Apparently the 60 has a deeper bassier tone and is the best out of the EMG's for cleans. Don't know from experience though. i have 81/85.

And yes, buy that guitar. It is the shizz.
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81's sound incredible for metal, and the 60 is there to mellow it out for cleans, I would say. 81's are pretty bad for cleans; certainly usable I guess, but I much prefer my 60 when going clean over my 81.

I can't say much about the 85, but basically: 81 -> Distortion/OD, 60 -> Cleans. They don't do the other as well as it's counterpart.
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I have the 81/60 combo in my Jackson King V. Its a great combo. The 60 is great for cleans. It has a thicker, bassier sound than the 81. Its much fuller. The 81 on a clean setting is a little too thin, i think. the 81 is great for leads, as well as tight rhythms.

I haven't heard the 85, but it is commonly used with the 81. but some people like the 85 and 60 combo. but if you play lead and want great cleans, as well as rhythm/lead tone, then get the 81/60.
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