Hi, I am a fingerpicker that have been playing only acoustic guitars until I heard Joe Satriani. I totally fell in love with his musics and decided it was time for me to buy an electric. However since i am only 15, I dont have ALOT of money and my budget is going to be limited to $250, without the amp, (hopefully my parents will buy me an amp for christmas or something) so what guitar should I get? It doesn't have to be outstanding, i just want an electric that i could try out..

i heard Agile's are good, and this seemed really good to me


but i hear the stock pups are not good so i was also thinking about


ones with p90's

dont kill me for suggesting this but I believe Musicians Friend is having a Squier Affinity Strat Box set sale for 139 for Fender Fridays today. Its a long shot but if you can muster an extra 50 and a good sales employee, and a lot of luck, you could get last weeks deal: a blackout tele for 300. however, for your music, you may like the agile or an ibanez.... Sorry Im no help I was just pointing out a few deals. Try stuff out and report back!
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im a bedroom player, but if i ever get intersted in electric, i'll probably start playing with my church band, but til then, i dont know much about electric songs, i just want to play stuff that joe satriani plays and such
Ibanez JS?

I'd go with an agile if I were you.
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