In case you havent already heard, E-603 has put out a new album, "Torn Up," which is available for download for free through his website or myspace

In case you haven't heard of him, E-603 is a mash-up artist, in the same vein as artists like Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, etc. While Girl Talk mixes more classics with rap and top 40 and super mash sticks more to 90's hits mixed with rap, E-603 encompasses all of these as well as uses more indie/alt and, in my opinion, far more interesting music.

I personally think he is my favorite mash-up artists. While Girl Talk is certainly more well established (and has both the most listener friendly and ready-to-be-danced to mixes), 603 is far more unique than the others out there.

His new album is fantastic and worth listening to.