For those of you in blues bands, how'd you find people who want to play blues? I've been looking for ages in my area, most of the people I find are either 20-30 years older than me (which is cool, but I kind of want to be in a band with people my age :P), or THINK 'oh yeah I can play the blues it's easy as', when in reality they fail...

Really keen to get anything blues related going, particularly a harmonica/acoustic guitar thing or a chicago style band w/ drums,bass,guitar,harmonica and vox.. But it's all guitar players and no vocalists or harmonica players
I have the very same issue at my location, but I think moving out to a city will help. Then it's a case of spreading the word and going to the right places to find these people. I know what it's like when you find those that say the blues is easy and they just don't have it at all, it's a common malfunction with many (particularly younger) guitarists.

Could be worth investing in a harmonica yourself? I considered on many occasions to one-man-band it - Duster Bennett style, but my singing is painfully poor and lack of equipment put an end to that. Shows you're seriousness if you've got the gear though!

Be patient but keep looking and asking. Ads in your local newspaper or music shop are well worth checking. Ask all types bands if they know anyone. Go to open mic nights and ask around. The blues is becoming fashionable again, so there should be willing candidates for a blues band out there.
Yeah i've got a few harmonicas lying around, might give it a go haha.

Doesn't it just **** you off tho, when people are like 'oh yeah lets jam some blues'.. then they bust in with their first solo and it's just some pentatonic rubbish with no phrashing, vibrato, tone, or any semblance of timing. **** me I rage so hard at that.

I know theres a monthly blues jam at one of the bars around where I live, and some venues that have a day every week dedicated to blues, so i'll hook into that and hopefully find some like minded individuals

Also i'd rather not sing either, my voice is avg and blues is all about the voice, if youve got a **** singer it jut handicaps the band so much..
Just gotta be patient, I'm in London and can't find anyone. Trying to convert some people to the way of the blues though so might work

Try blues bars, (there's a jam pretty much every night at one bar or another, least in London anyway) but they're always very old people (in my experience) so may not help.

Just keep looking
what those guys said. go to jams.

over here in melbourne australia there is a thing called youth in blues where you organise a band through that. if your band wins you play at the australian blues frstival and the australian jazz festival in the blues pavilion (big deal) try finding somthing like that!
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I think you should either A) Learn to play harp or B) Find people who are good musicians then when you they ask you what you like to play/listen to say blues. Keep doing this until you can find someone who is flexible enough that will play that music, just because they don't play blues exclusively they still play it and you can learn to play their music. Also if you do this I recommend finding someone who plays classic rock, it's so heavily blues influenced it won't matter that they play it instead of blues.
I have the exact same problem as you TS. That's why I'm going to learn how to sing. I just thnk it'll be easier to put a band together if I can be a frontman too.
^ thats true, but i think the singer in a blues band has to be the strongest in the band lawl, if they cant sing the blues, its just gonna fail..
Well, do you want just blues or do you want to play everything including blues or blues-based styles? Alot of people I know say they are just rock fans, or only listen to classic rock, or jazz, but when they tell me what they like to listen to (like bands and stuff) alot of it is really bluesy. So many people love playing Zeppelin, or Clapton, without realizing its blues based. They may not be into Johnson or Howlin' Wolf, but most likely its because they've never been exposed to it.

Try to sit in with local rock bands and jam with them...your sure to find someone who appreciates bluesy playing.

Another thing to are festivals. I dunno where you live, but blues festivals have ways of just sort of popping up in weird locations occasionally...so keep an ear out and wait for one in your area and see if anyone you know is going, or just go and see if you see people your age and talk to them.

Also, I dunno about harmonica players, but most vocalists aren't 100% dedicated to one genre unless they specialize in screamo. Don't just search for blues enthusiasts who can sing, search for vocalists and talk to them all...most likely you'll find one who would love to sing the blues, or loves things influenced by the blues.
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Well, I think that everyone here made their point. I've always loved blues and you can get very frustrated when you want to play or jam and you don't have anybody to jam with. I'm pretty much a beginner, so I was looking for beginner drummers, keyboardists and bassists that can play blues. We had our band together in 3 weeks, now we're playing some blues and we all are learning with each other.

Try to find people that are in your same level of playing, that will increase your chances of finding the right people to play the blues.

biggest problem is finding people the same age :P, but yeah I'll probably try and find people who are into the bluesier rock and then hook them up with some roots stuff like howling wolf, muddy waters, b.b, T.bone etc..
wherer are you located if i may ask? i love playing the blues and thats what im taking lesson for,rythem and soloing blues,just love it and rechord's idea would be perfect
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