The horns were a tad off but it was pretty good. Also, the singing is a tad... well, soft for a Streetlight Song, but definitely one of the better covers I've seen.

One question though, why no intro riff on the guitar?
I like how this has elements of the Streetlight version AND elements of the BOTAR version. It's pretty awesome. The horn section needs a little work, but that'll come with time. It's very good regardless. The vocals should be more in-your-voice I think though, they don't work particularly well with the punkiness of the song imo.
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Tight rhythm section, I'm tempted to mention something about her being good for a girl, but I've been playing with some phenomenal female drummers lately, and frankly gender doesn't mean crap.
The brass sounds alright, but I think the video quality is killing those parts for me. The vocals are the only weak part. They're in a lower register which makes it sound funny, and the singer (you?) isn't singing properly with projection and whatnot.
I've loved this song since they came out with the album, it's been one of my favorite for such a long time. You guys knew the arrangement like the back of your hands, which is impressive in itself. Just put as much practice into the singing as you did into the arrangement. You need to actually let loose with your voice and scream a bit until you feel it. It'll also be easier to jump up a register once you've got the projection down. It'll make sense once it clicks.

edit: yeah, the intro riff! That's what was missing! I couldn't put my finger on it. That's seriously one of the easiest riffs, so your excuse better not be that you don't know it. Make sure not to forget that part next time!
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Kind of off topic, but dude, your drummer is hot.
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Quote by mix.lunar
One question though, why no intro riff on the guitar?

The way we usually play it is with an intrumental horn song, and the horns transition with the intro riff. We couldn't do it then, though, because our bass player was in Germany and I was filling in on bass. (I usually play tenor/bari, and the instrumental song is played by the alto player, myself, and the other saxophone, who is playing guitar in this vid).