So I wrote this song today in a burst of inspiration, and I've been having a lot of trouble getting the mix to sound right. I could really use some advice on the EQ -- there seems to be too much high end and not enough low. I use a lot of instruments/tracks, so my recordings can get kind of crowded and I sometimes have trouble getting everything to balance well.

My other question is concerning the vocals. I'm used to recording with a singer who has a very different vocal tone than I do, so I'm not sure what to do with my vocals on this track. They feel like they get lost in the mix at certain points of the song, and it's usually really hard to understand the words. Is the problem my performance, or can I do something with the mix to make the vocals come through more clearly?

Also, if you don't know much about the technical stuff, I'll gladly take criticism of the songwriting itself. Just bear in mind that this is a rough mix.

The song is called "ABC" and it's on my profile.

Thanks in advance!
i think the vocals are at a good level.
gives more of a mood when they are quieter, almost grungy i guess...

but man, its real hard to give EQ tips, how you want it to sound is yours, not relative, right? maknig it hard to achieve your standards.
What gear are you using, it really sounds like a cheap mic/console which could be the source of the problem of the treble-ness.

Overall, it isn't bad for recording being it is a demo recording for having fun I am guessing.
Thanks for the feedback

I've got a good condenser microphone run through an mbox 2 into Pro Tools. I mic the guitar, line-in the bass, and program the drums.

I think my real questions are this:
How can I make the mix less crowded/fuller-sounding (probably through EQing, I just don't know what needs to change)

How can I get the vocals to cut through the mix more and not get lost, like they do at the end of the song?
the quality is pretty good, although a little lacking in low end, id suggest making your bass louder or increasing the bass on the track. if you also havent tried panning try that as that some times gives more space. the vocal i think have a good volume, not too low and not over powering everything. so id work on your bass track first before applying EQ
I would say flatten all your eqs, take a listen, then work from there. It's really a lot of trying what works. There isn't a one answer for all recordings as far as eqing. Check out homerecording.com, you might find better help there.