I've been looking into a few but none have really sparked my interest. I am able to spend 200 at most but much more later after I get my new guitar. (I love good paying jobs at this age) Haha

So any recommendations?
Analogman makes a great compressor which is a clone of the famous ROSS compressor, known as the Bi-Comp. The waiting list for it is currently at a year or more unfortunately, so check out their CompROSSor instead.
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Stretch the budget and get a Keeley. Seems to be the best one out and the one I am looking to pick up.
Based on what I've heard about the AnalogMan, it's what I'd go for. The Keeley's a bit dull in the high end IMO and the AnalogMan supposedly fixes that. I'm on the waiting list for a Bi-Comp and it's due sometime in December. Other than those, I love the Demeter Compulator for its transparency and I've heard good things about the Diamond compressor as well as the Maxon compressor.
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well, you can look at ToadWorks. Mr. Squishy is a nice compressor with a small pricetag. Look at the reviews at Harmony-Central to see if it sparks your interest.
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