I'm about to purchase a '52 Telecaster, used, and the current owner specifies it as a "replica" (or "replika", as it's in Sweden). I've sent him a mail with questions about it, but as I'm not really an expert on electric guitars I felt it would be a good idea to check with you guys.

Could he mean that it's a '52 Telecaster Re-issue? Or that he built a replica himself? From the ad it sounded like it's a real Fender, at least. And frankly, I'm a little bit afraid if it might be a scam.

The headstock seems weird, the logo is placed differently than any other Tele I've seen. And the pickguard looks like it has way too many screws. What do you think?

Please forgive my noobishness and paranoia.
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The pickguard definitely has too many screws and to me the headstock kinda looks like the headstock on the starcaster i own it looks like he took a router to it and added the fender thing but thats just me
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The seller obviously made that himself. Compare the headstock to a real Fender, and you will see the difference in shape, and where he put the Fender logo, makes it a dead give away.
Plus, it's a natural body; the body's on the Fender's are painted.
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Plus, it's a natural body; the body's on the Fender's are painted.

I don't get why people put the Fender logo on things they've built themselves. It really annoys me.