I was just wondering if a warped neck is fixable or not. Also the neck is from a Washburn Lyon Strat copy and had this metal thing at the bottom that stuck out from the neck, it was round with holes in it and was wondering that if that was for some reason neccesary if I was to buy a new neck?
definitely not fixable. by the sounds of it, the guitar isn't even worth the trouble.
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the guitar is worth it. The previous owner istalled some different pickups and installed different hardware. He also put Floyd Rose bridge on there too. Got it from a pawn shop for my first guitar last year. Didn't know **** about guitars and the guy gyped me. Plus I wanted to put on a locking nut and mirror pickguard and write "Soul Power II" so that it doesn't completely copy Morello, lol.
lol, fail...
if its a morrelo inspired guitar, it dont need a trem, but a kittswitch, is needed.
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Can we get pics of said neck and is it warped or just bowed?
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Wait... it has an FR and no locking nut?
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You may just need a truss rod adjustment. Any reasonable tech should be able to look at the guitar for about 20 seconds and tell if if it's beyond repair. If its not fixable they will let you know for free and if it is they can probably walk you through a proper setup and it'll only cost you $20 plus and new set of strings. The knowlege is worth the $20 even if the guitar isnt.
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